[PAID] VR Development Team

Hello, My company is looking for a UK based VR developer to work with on a project. We would like to build something akin to Wrench and Car Mechanic but for a different purpose. It will be a technical simulation game with a strong educational element, VR & PC accessible. Challenge based learning with missions and different scenarios. I’d be really keen to connect with people to discuss this, whether interested in participating or maybe can recommend the right people to speak to.

I’m a Quest user keen on Hyperdash, Pop One and Blaston. I have a background in film production and I used to code HTML but other than I am non-technical when it comes to game design. My main work is identifying opportunities for innovation around net zero carbon construction and creating products and services to respond to market needs.

I want to work with a single company who can handle this project in house or resource it themselves. This company must be a UK based Ltd company as some of the funding that will pay for the game is public money and this is their requirement.

We would like to work towards a private pre-release within one year.

Please contact me at sharing with me your portfolio/work examples, available resources and location. I will be happy to discuss more over video calls. Thanks!

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