[PAID] Versatile Freelance 3D Artist

Hello everyone! I’m Diana, an artist looking for more professional experience and to create amazing stories through games.


  • Focus on stylized 3D character and creature modeling.
  • Knowledgeable of UI design and widget blueprint setups in UE4.
  • Creation of 3D character animations in Maya
  • Creation of Hand painted textures


  • 3D character animator for Milksop Games. Responsible for creating the 3D animations for all characters.

Game: Heads N Tails: Mythical Petshop.
Showcase of work done on Vimeo.

  • 3D Artist for Test Studios Games, responsible for creating character models, texturing them, animating them and importing inside UE4.

Games: Cool Pipo: An Adventure for Climate Change and Tunnel Run.
Cool Pipo’s Character showcase on Vimeo.


Maya, zBrush, Substance painter, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and UE4, Perforce

Additional info

  • Currently based in Rome, Italy. Ideally looking for Remote work.
  • Speak Spanish, English, Italian.
  • Available 5 days a week, more if needed.
  • Negotiable wages.

Feel free to contact me to start a new project together or just say hi!
Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: rotblush#1327

I’m always looking into learning new skills and workflows while working on personal projects, so I’m looking for opportunities to apply this knowledge in a professional game development environment.

I love assisting to gamedev meetups to get more into the community and learning from my favorite artists.

Feel free to leave **constructive **feedback and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

3D character Animation Showcase. Freelance work done for Milksop Games.


Checkout more on vimeo.