[PAID] Vehicle setup in 3DS Max for UE


Looking for an individual who works in 3DS Max.

Have 130 vehicle models that need to be set up a certain way to be added to UE.

Job requirements:

  1. Scale vehicle to 24 and freeze transformations.
  2. Set hierarchy names to alphabetical order.
  3. Set up vehicle windows in a folder as follows. Front doors, Rear doors, Windshield, and Rear Window with specific names.
  4. Copy Windshield twice and cut two eyebrows (Windshield strips) and name.
  5. Duplicate window folder, name second window folder different and reverse normals on those windows only.
  6. Add materials with in Max file to parts
  7. Delete history.
  8. Export as 1 vehicle with no vehicle windows folder and 1 with vehicles folder only as FBX.

Flat rate per vehicle. All vehicles are structured the same.

If you need a sample model to make a bid or have any questions, please dm me.

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