[PAID] Unreal Engineer/Programmer (All Levels)

Studio Name The Real Guys Ltd.

Legally Corporated Studio Yes

**Pay ** Paid Position, to be negotiated depending on role/scope

What I’m looking for UE Developer/programmer(s) with experience in delivery VR (oculus Quest preferably) Multiplayer (Amazon AWS Servers) Shooter games.

I’m looking to find good-natured, talented folks who enjoy what they do. If you’re a specialist within a specific part of the development cycle, then we can discuss that. I’m not looking for someone to deliver from A to Z, I’m looking to build my relationships with people that I work with, and then call them back for future projects.

Therefore, there are opportunities with TRG to LEARN MORE as well as TEACH OTHERS whilst you deliver. Check out our website to get a better understanding of what I’m trying to say here (referring to our 3rd tenet on the front page).

The project A multiplayer Shooter game.

Requirements Previous experience similar to the above description is highly advantageous if you’re coming for a senior/lead role in the Dev Team. English speaking to a conversational degree is a big requirement, the team will be multinational. Remote working is fine.

Length of assignment(s) Depending on the level of your scope anywhere from 3-9+ months

**How to apply ** DM to register your interest. I will send you a meeting agenda to prepare for. When you are ready we will organise a VIDEO CALL (Please don’t forget this, i like to e-meet (at least) the people I work with!).

Good luck!

Fawad A.

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