[PAID] Unreal Engine Generalist at Offbeat Media Group

Offbeat Media Group

Looking for artists with Unreal Engine experience to develop characters and environments inside our Virtual Humans team.

Atlanta, GA



  • Working with motion capture performers to animate amazing characters with our UE4 systems.
  • Creating artistic and story driven virtual environments for these characters to perform in.
  • Implementing and learning how to use new features that we add to our systems.
  • Collaborating with Production and Tech Directors to improve our pipelines efficiency and ease of use.
  • Sharing any developments/insights that may contribute to the pipeline, various projects, or our team.


  • UE4 - Characters: Competence in using animation data, live-link, blueprints, and character setup.
  • UE4 - Environments: Both artistic and practical competence in assembling environments, lighting those environments, baking light, and establishing virtual camera shots.
  • UE4 - Progression: An ability to troubleshoot and learn new engine features and systems. Read documentation, watch tutorials, find insights on forums.
  • UE4 - Organization: Ability to learn/use source control, use organizational naming conventions, blueprint commenting, and employ linear workflow best practices.
  • Flexibility: Ability to touch up or tweak 3D models, UV maps, Weight painting, blend shapes/morph targets with DDC’s such as Blender or Maya, and software like substance painter.
  • Animated: Proficient in using sequencer to animate cameras, trigger events, and tweak animation data.
  • Responsibility: Professional work ethic and a positive attitude. Punctuality and self discipline.

Apply through our job board: