[Paid/Unpaid/Royalty] Nick Tomassetti - Sound Designer/Composer

Hello I’m Nick Tomassetti a Sound Designer and Composer.

Demo Reel:

Main Skill Sets:
-Wwise/Fmod Integration
-Mixing, Mastering, and recording.
-Composition in the genres of Orchestral to Electronic.
-Over seven years of experience with Audio editing and production.

Other Skills:
-3D modeling
-Level Design
-2 years of C++ coding (mainly for audio plugins and DSP).

About Me:
I’m a sound designer and composer based out of California. I have experience with 3d modelling and level design as well (some of which is featured on my website). I recently graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Electronic Production and Design (basically sound design). I’m also a skilled electronic music producer and orchestral composer. I’m willing to work on all skill levels of games hobbyist to AAA. I’ll work for free based on your budget but would prefer royalty or paid work. I’m very familiar with the Unreal Engine and absolutely love it. I’m flexible so contact me and we can start a conversation!


Other Links:
Level Design/Audio Implementaiton using Epic Assets:
Epic Games SciFi Hallway audio implementation with Wwise: