[PAID/UNPAID]Looking for a project to collaborate on, mostly Menus and UI

Hello, I’m looking for some excuse to build a portfolio as an UI/Menu artist.
PC and consoles only, no mobile.

I have good proficiency with the Adobe Suite, Blueprints, UMG, I know some C++ and I’m getting into Slate as well.

I accept unpaid positions if you’re project is not commercial.

I say it and specity it, everything I do I consider it my own copyright, you cannot make any money out of it, you cannot resell it, you cannot absolutely share any of the assets/blueprints/code I create for you, unless we agree on it.

In case you pay that’s a different story, and we can find an agreement, but you should count a payment (non negotiable) of 400 euros for “normal” projects, meaning main menu level (with options, launch/save, finding/creating server and quit buttons) + hud + IGM.

Multiplayer is not my speciality so I can design your browser and lobbies, but I cannot promise I will fully feature it, that’s something you will have to look on your own.

I accept delayed payments, royalty shares, but we need to sign a contract before I allow you to use any of my assets.

Yes: serious projects

No: “I have a great idea for a game but I have no skills and looking to create a team with no money, I have no GDD and nothing serious to show you”

I have another job, so based on the complexity of your request it could take me around a month or even more to fine tune and make everything as we want it.

I should also add that there are only two ways to work with me:

a) providing clear references on what style you want to achieve and the features you want

b) trusting my judgement and giving feedback for smaller changes in the end

I want to avoid a scenario where you are unsatisfied all the time but cannot explain what you’re looking for.

Sorry for sounding bitter, but I want to be as clear as possible before anybody wastes anybody’s time.

Have you got anything that you’ve done before hand which you can show?

Available for work again.

I do not accept post commission payments anymore.

You pay first.

Sorry, had a bad experience in april.

I’m also still available for free work if your project is no profit (mods and fan games) :slight_smile:

Do you have any work you can show?

I’ll send you a pm. With an alpha version I did.

Still available for work.

Can you shoot me a PM also. I am looking for some UI work to be done.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable with paying all up front… just my opinion. Maybe do some sort of milestone payments starting with 30% upfront…??


Yeah, that might be a possibility, atleast for now till I upload some portfolio and feedback.

Are you available for hire right now?

Are you available on Skype? or email?

hello. i would find it really awesome to work with you, i’ve been working on a project recently and without anyone to help me i am not sure if i am able to do it.
i’ve been trying to make a game for about 3 months or so, quitted a few times, and tried programming myself even but without luck.
i consider myself an average game artist for my age (17) and i haven’t done any study for it either so, i’m just doing this hobby project because it takes alot for me to finish my highschool because it’s so boring and i really want to do something i love.
since i’m in highschool i can’t pay much, actually nothing, so it’ll be unpaid. i hope that’s alright.
here is an example of one of the front characters of the game (attached).
i also made 8 characters for it, it will be a fighting game, where the character can walk right, left, front, back (already made them, they can walk also from all sides, but they can not fight or jump)
that’s how far i am right now.
if you wanna know more, email me (


Yours sincerely,
Jara de Nooijer.

Available for work again after a long pause, my (paid) work for user drb1992 for :
Mind you this was not the final version as it needed some polishing, it was only done to show progress to the client.
Most of the art was provided by the client, I only offer 2D UI related art, no 3D backgrounds, ecc.

Contact me for serious propositions. I only accept paid projects (with different rates if art is provided or not) or free projects. I do not accept revenue sharing.
If you’re project is for free it needs to be released for free, it cannot even accept donations or any form of payment.
That is, I accept to work for free but only if you’re planning to release your project totally for free, and you cannot use any of my code/art/blueprints without asking.

Please write me a pm here or send a mail to