[PAID] / [UNPAID] C++ / Blueprint Programmer Looking For A Fun Team

Hello everyone,

I have been programming small things here and there in Unreal Engine for about a year and a half now. My time at college is almost up and I’ll be receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in May of 2017, so I thought I’d try my luck on these forums again to find a team that is cohesive and serious about making a product. So far, I haven’t really found anything that I’d like to work on here, so I’m trying this once again.

I have some code that I’ve written so that you can see what I’ve done:

It’s just a little twin stick shooter game I was working on. The AI is simple and so is the game play, but I can do much more than this. My specialty is game play programming, but I’m versatile when it comes to tasks. I’ve done UMG programming, some AI in Unreal, and a few other things.

Overall, I’m looking for a fun team that is dedicated and cohesive that will make a product that I can use to boost my portfolio. I’m not necessarily looking for money, but I wouldn’t say no to a paid position.

I’m not really looking to work on things that are not games. Also, I’m not looking to work on MMOs since those never turn out well (indie-wise).

PM me or email me at and I will provide you with my resume if you are interested.

bump. I have found some interesting projects but nothing that I’d be capable of working on. I don’t have much experience with physics over the network, but I could do networking if it needed to be done. Please keep this in mind.

We are 1 Programmer and 2 Artist working on 3D project . We need help with Procedural generation system , multiplayer system and non easy IA (Not difficult too).

This is the project

If you like and you thing that you can help on this aspects , it would be nice

What kind of multiplayer system are you looking for? matchmaking? drop in co-op?

Hi Lialan,

I’m a Blueprints Application Developer: SLOTI/OS, GOLEMCraft, WIZMO, EyeManga3D, Labyrinth. I specialize in Blueprints and enjoy developing multi-user in-game editing applications, procedural generators, Bot AI, and dabbling with Blender3D. I develop Games and Game Dev Products for distribution Online in Game Dev Marketplaces. I’m launching my own Game Development Store: with the goal of bringing Mass Customization to Store-bought Assets and much more. I’m merging Game + eStore into a unique Game experience: TheGameDevStore.VR.

I’m seeking a fellow Blueprints Engineer to collaborate with and expedite development of a Multiplayer World & Entity Construction Framework to support Real-time Collaborative World Building and Assembly of Modular Entities. This Framework will provide the back-end application in which to derive several other in-game editors such as: Character Creator, Vehicle Customizer, Fort Builder, Weapon Crafting. I’m currently engrossed in R&D in collaborative construction with native UE4 Multiplayer and Alpha Tester for The Dartanlla World Server.

About Me:

I’m serious about developing, marketing, and distributing multiple Digital Interactive Entertainment Products
but, I also have fun in the development process.

My Tools:

UnrealEngine 4.15 (compiled version)
Perforce Client - Source Control Login Settings]. Built-in UE4. User Guide’s: Brief, Detailed
Skype: techlord_on_skype - Instant Messaging, Meetings, Screen Sharing
PM Me: More Info.

Both, coop to fight inside procedural dungeon rooms, 2-4 players and versus mode in specific map with different game modes

Hello there. Sent you an email

I’m bumping this again, with some sidenotes: I’m not really looking to work on things that are not games. Also, I’m not looking to work on MMOs since those never turn out well (indie-wise).

Bumping this again.

I need help with a multiplayer FPS demo in C++ if you’re interested. Limited scope, just looking to add some extra gameplay features to a marketplace project.

Hey, I see you are probably talking about the MFPS Kit. I plan to get that, too, and would be interested in working with you on something. If it’s the WW2 game you were posting about, I love WW2 history and games, and know a lot about it. I have a lot of ideas - let me know.

Dashiva, message me, I would be willing to work with you and help you out.