[PAID] Uni-directional scaling tool editor plugin request

Hey guys! I’m looking for a plugin that will allow the in-editor scaling of meshes in a single direction based on handles that surround it. Much like how scaling works on Roblox (shown in the gif below):

This would be a really useful plugin that could be sold on the marketplace, and I believe that would speed up the level design process for quite a bit of people. It would make the engine more accessible for users migrating from the Roblox platform to Unreal. Additionally, it would cut out the tedious activity of changing the pivot point every time you want a similar scaling effect.

My estimate on payment is around $20-$50, as its a relatively small and from my understanding, somewhat simple plugin. This part is negotiable, however, as I’m not sure how much one would normally charge for something like this. You (the coder) could also sell it in the marketplace as well. Please send me a message here on the forums or reply to this thread if you’re interested and/or have a price in mind.