[PAID] UE4 Tutor Needed for Indie Virtual Film Producer (Online Lessons)

I’ve been learning UE4 for the past few weeks through the tutorials and YouTube but would benefit greatly from real-time instruction. My interest in is Film Production, not game design. See the links below for the direction I’m headed and need assistance in. I’m available afternoons and evenings (noon-midnight) in Portland, OR. (PST)
My most pressing need right now is working out a few kinks in the system / my knowledge base, and then working with skeleton retargeting for character models I make in Daz3D. I’m importing them just fine, it’s after that that I need help with Skeletons, Animations, and such.

I’m sure there will be more questions down the road and could set up either regularly scheduled lessons or as needed / on demand sessions. Please message me or leave your info below. Cheers.