[Paid] Ue4 Python API Tutor for Tool Dev

Looking for an individual to teach me Python in Conjunction with Python ( UE4 Python API )

  • Ive got a basic Understanding of Python and went trough all the available resources (Doc/Github/Youtube/Google/Udemy) for the UE4 Python API but still struggle to extend the learned things and I run into errors I can’t seem to figure out by myself and wanted to save some time.
    ( Been on the same error for 25 Hours Now, create a Material Instance by finding a specific Material per Name not by selecting the Parent Asset; currently struggling with the set_material_instance_parent function)

Pay would be per Hour basis and we can do a simple remote screen share.

If you’re interested please send me some examples of what you did with UE4+Python and your rate to my email:

Looking forward to hearing from you,


import unreal

edit_asset_lib = unreal.EditorAssetLibrary()

mat_edit_lib = unreal.MaterialEditingLibrary()

parent_mat =’/Game/materials/M_RTMasterMaterial.M_RTMasterMaterial’

parent_loaded = edit_asset_lib.load_asset(parent_mat)

my_mat = ‘/Game/materials/mat_blue.mat_blue’

may_mat_loaded = edit_asset_lib.load_asset(my_mat)

mat_edit_lib.set_material_instance_parent(may_mat_loaded, parent_loaded)


Sorry for the delay, just saw the response - Thanks a lot for the input! If you’re interested in teaching python/ue4 in general send me a mail :slight_smile: