[PAID] ( UE4 Programmer / Shader ) / 3D Artist /

Hello I’am a french developer i got something about 1 year of experience of unreal engine 4 i master all the engine from animation(blueprint,blendspace etc…) to complexe AI( with behavior tree,pathfinding etc…) so I can make any kind of blueprint including construction blueprint for level designer etc… I’m also able to work with VR device . Here you can see my work :

Small android game :


I’m an experienced programmer too i got more than 6 years of experience of programming in C/C++
and 3 years in java specialy for android device.

Here my portfolio : https://oxprime.carbonmade.com/

Added the looking for work tag to your thread title.


Still looking for work !

Still looking for work !

Hi OximusPrime, sent you a PM.

Still looking for work !

Still looking for work !

Last Work fe632946566d67647ed2b20d1850f9735dbd4fbc.jpeg7b45d258123cdc264d982423e92a0f96dff7931e.jpeg


fe7ae380a797fbe5e65567c4a9fd6fa882942aa0.jpeg Custom coliseum

I need a strong UE4 developer for a 100% remote project (HQ’d in Los Angeles, CA). This person needs to also be very strong with Blueprint and C++ for VR development. Is that you?

Your Inbox is full. I tried reaching you.