[PAID $$$] UE4 C++/Blueprints developer

**I’m looking Job/Freelance projects as C++/Blueprints UE4 developer **

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About me

If you ask about me I say to you I am a researcher in my nature. Since 2011 year I have started working as a professional developer and since this moment I realized Computers, Math, Programming it is not simple my Work that is part of my life. So if you ask me about my hobby, my answer will be technology and programming is my hobby. For me there is no end self development process. Each day, before I go to sleep I try to get more knowledge and more experience than I have before.

And I defined the goal for me will be 3D graphics, gaming and low level programming That will be really important for me for future years. Because It CHALLENGE. It involves my attention much as possible. And It give to me energy for learn a lot of different aspects of programming, such as GPU/CPU computation, operation system graphics pipeline, Linear algebra and physics, compilers, etc.

Technology stack

  • 3D games and graphics: I’m working with standards OpenGL and WebGL. Libraries for graphics - Mesa3D, X11 linux server, Xlib, glm math lib, glfw. Knowledge linux drm/kms and framebuffer drivers. OpenGL shader language GLSL. I have non-commercial experience with 3D Game engine such as Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. And some experience with Cocoa2D. Experience with QT gui framework.
  • Mathematic: Of course I have requires math knowledge for 3d graphics and gaming such as Trigonometry, Linear algebra (Vector, Spaces and Matrix transformation)
  • CPU and GPU parallel computing: I have basic knowledge in modern parallel computing, I have knowledge in OpenCL standard and NVidea Cuda computing platform.
  • Compilation tools: C and C++ compilers, Mono .NET framework on linux. Make and Cmake build tools. Emscripten C/C++ to JavaScript compiler.
  • Operation systems: My main OS is Linux, but of course I’m comfortable work with Windows and MacOS. I have experience with XCode IDE for run and debug C/C++ and Objective C code. On macos I’m using LLDB debugger, On Linux and Windows I’m using GDB debugger. On Windows main IDE is VisualStudio, On Linux I working with Atom, Sublime, Eclipse products. Knowledge of unix bash environment and windows command line tools.
  • Main programming languages: C/C++, C#, JavaScript/NodeJS, Python, ARM and Intel Assembly - just for fun
  • Server side development: NodeJS http servers, based on Express, Hapi.js frameworks, Python http servers, based on Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL databases
  • Web development: ReactJS/Redux for web applications, AngularJS
  • Additional knowledge: I like to spend some time with studying of ShellCode and linux os system, playing with RaspberryPi and electronic.
  • System administration: Amazon web services, Elastic Cloud 2, AWS lambda, Docker, Nginx web server, Heroku, RDB, continuous integration tools.


3D Graphic/game developer
Freelance | October 2016  –  now
Main languages: C/C++, C#, Unreal Engine, Unity, OpenGL
Technologies:  Unreal Engine 4. I’m using Unreal engine for game development and I have freelance project for 3D simulation based on Unreal Engine. Basically it C/C++ programming,
Blueprints scripting, working with other part of Engine, such as ParticleSystem, Animation, etc. I’m also working with OpenGL low level graphics implementation based on C/C++ and libs such as glew, glfw in Linux environment. 
And I have some experience with Unity programming in C# and general working with engine as well. 

Backend Lead
Start Monday | July 2016 – Present (consulting) | Amsterdam, Netherland
Main languages: JavaScript, Python, C++
Servers infrastructure responsibility: Heroku - NodeJS Api Server, AWS Lambda Python, NodeJS services, AWS EC2 Python, C++ services, AWS Elastic transcoder, AWS CloudFront, Compose MongoDB instances.
I worked as a backend solution architect and did new functionality and support existing server infrastructure.
The Project is hiring platform startup - www.startmonday.com. The main idea is record 15-second videos for job applications. 

Senior Full Stack Developer (NodeJS, Swift IOS, AngularJs)
Hero Gaming | December 2015 - July 2016 | Malmo, Sweden
Main languages: JavaScript, Swift, C++
Responsibility: NodeJs Api server side development, IOS swift, c++ client app development, AngularJS  browser client side development.
Project contains 2 big parts. That is world online casino leader and new betting APP. My responsibilities was support casino code base as JavaScript developer, participated to supporting native apps for IOS and Android.
And also I was involved to develop betting project as Swift IOS developer, plus I working with architecture and implementation IOS app as part of renovation current casino project.

Senior NodeJS Developer
CBS interactive | May 2015 – December 2015 | Kiev, San Francisco
Main languages: JavaScript, PHP
Responsibility: Creation NodeJS api server architecture(KrakenJS),  Ecommerce client part based on PHP(Magento)
My responsibility was implementation of new  architecture for several search project, for example for search and compare prices in USA, some sort of search system like bing.com.
Our architecture has been developed as NodeJs micro services instanstances. With one main service and several subservices. Some of project is www.store.com, www.search.com

Full Stack Developer (NodeJS, AngularJS)
Smart Cloud Solutions | December 2014 – May 2015 | Kiev, Ukraine
Main languages: JavaScript, PHP
Responsibility: Implementation frontend(AngularJS) and server side(NodeJS) solution.
I have participated in the development of large-scale online service to conduct business enterprise accounting, inventory accounting and document circulation in Ukraine.
Architecture was several one page modules based on AngularJS and REST laravel PHP and NodeJS API.

Ruby / Php Magento Developer
Emaster.pro | December 2012 – December 2014 | Kiev, Ukraine
Main languages: PHP, Ruby, MySQL
Responsibility: Implementation custom Ecommerce solutions based on Magento(PHP) and Ruby(Ruby on Rails)
It was software development outsourcing company. I developed online stores based on Magento PHP solution.
I worked with implementation of custom modules for online stores based on Magento. Custom Ruby on Rails ecommerce development. I was working with server optimization for nginx servers.
Supporting current online stores.

Github: Batname (Batname) · GitHub
LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/ddubinin
YouTube: Simulated Reality community - YouTube

One my community job. That is rewriting blueprint training to c++ , like C++ Twin Stick Shooter

14 - Spawning Enemies

Official tutorial
CPP implementation TwinStickShooter_CPP/Source/TwinStickShooter_CPP at 39b02542eb53c2f407b117753beed5edd1d58b06 · Batname/TwinStickShooter_CPP · GitHub

Hi Dennis,

My name is , and I’m a recruiter for Insight Global. I came across your profile and thought you’d be a great fit for the following full time role HOUSTON TX: Salary Range is 120K to 140K annually (which is in TEXAS so keep that in mind when thinking about the cost of living) If necessary, the company will assist with relocation and will pay for the travel to/from the interviews. (This company will also sponsor TN Visa, H1B Visas, and accept EAD candidates)

-5+ years of experience in the GAMING industry
-5+ Years of experience developing/designing game applications
-C/C++ programming experience
-Unreal Engine Experience
-Experience Debugging systems
-3D math skills
-Windows development experience

-Bachelors Degree in computer programming/console/PC (anything related to GAMING)

Day to Day
Insight Global is seeking software engineers for a premier client in the Montrose area of Houston, TX. This person will be responsible for writing code, debugging systems, and writing technical requirements. This person will also assist with design and development. Other responsibilities include designing, implementing, and managing moderate to large scale code bases for gaming consoles.

If this is something you or someone you know might be interested in, please send me an updated resume at and I will reach out with more details.

21-22 - UMG and finish the game

Official tutorial
CPP implementation TwinStickShooter_CPP/Source/TwinStickShooter_CPP at cd5eff48803f64f307991d534a3f8095bd14ca63 · Batname/TwinStickShooter_CPP · GitHub

Hello, are you capable of working with a 2 player online network? I need some assistance with ensuring a smooth online experience for my players and am looking for someone with experience with that to assist me with my projects problems. Please let me know if you are capable of providing experience. Thanks!

My next game:

Main idea:
Login with your Facebook account, choose your opponent and let your and his friends make mega-battle

Here is development video:
Spawning Facebook friends to Map

GitHub code UE4_FacebookArena/Source/FacebookArena at 678469b2ca4fe1f1f38574b2c77052ac984bb559 · Batname/UE4_FacebookArena · GitHub
GitHub repo GitHub - Batname/UE4_FacebookArena

Yes I can help you, I have experience multi-player games.

My Skype is dubinin-den, email: dadubinin@gmail.com