[PAID] UE3 Experienced Multiplayer Programmer Needed for XCOM 2 Mod

I’m the Lead for the XCOM 2 Mod: Dragonpunk. I’m a Java Developer by trade, but relatively new to Unreal Script. While I think I COULD figure out how to program Co-Op in XCOM 2, I would prefer to pay an experienced professional, so we can avoid common pitfalls and reduce latency. The good news is that everything in XCOM 2 should be already set up for this in SteamWorks and other back-end code. I also already have an artist working on the UI needed. Also, this is an opensource project, so any code that you write is yours to keep and share.

On February 5th, XCOM 2 will be available for download on Steam. This comes with the Mod Kit. Ideally, it would be great to release the Co-Op mod within a week or two for bragging rights. Like everyone on this project though, this would just be additional Freelance work around your schedule. I’ve developed user stories in JIRA to make things easier. In short, it will be something simple like Divinity: Original Sin. No super fancy match making for now (unless someone on here happens to know how to do that for an affordable price). For now, the player will just be inviting their Steam friends to join their game through an additional UI button. The joining player will be kicked at the end of each tactical mission. Our main goal is to make sure the joining player receives the loot and experience gained during the match.

If you would like to hear more, reply back or email me at with your rates. Typically, I do 50% upfront and 50% on completion, but I’m flexible.

So, no one knows how to do this and make some decent money?


I don’t think a lot of people look at this part of the forums anymore.

I’ve PMed a few people that I think might be interested.