[PAID] UE Environment Artist with arch-viz capabilities and musically inclined

**Project Title **
US-based TV broadcast project

mid-July to mid-September

Assemble UE environments quickly for performers in US TV broadcast talent show

Team Structure
Freelancer will report to our in-house Line Producer. The Line Producer conveys direction and change requests.

Talent Required
UE generalist with arch-viz capabilities. Some of the creative direction will be literal. The ideal candidate has done a number of archviz projects, less on asset development, and more kitbashing whenever possible as time management is of utmost importance. They should be highly proficient with texturizing, lighting, and photorealism.

  • Deliverable as UE 4.25 project files
  • Work in real world scale (based on UE4 / C4D template project we will provide)
  • Receive creative direction based on photo references / videos
  • Turnaround time is expected to be 1 week for the first delivery and possibly 24-48 hours for revisions
  • Limited animation, primarily focused on set design / composition, texturing and lighting
  • There will be an on-site UE artist to make adjustments to the scene whenever possible but the overall art direction will be your responsibility.
  • Must be able to attend reviews in the Pacific time zone (GMT -8), usually at the end of day.

Team Name
All of it Now

Email: [EMAIL=“howard.wong@allofitnow.com”]info@allofitnow.com

Must include

  • a portfolio of your work
  • daily and weekly rate
  • timezone you’re based in