Paid tutorial lessons for Landscape/Mountain designs?


I love UE4 and creating props, buildings, caves etc.
However I am not good at creating Landscapes or Mountains I just dont seem to graft how to do this.

Are their any tutorials out their paid so obviously much better and much more explained or taught for Landscapes/Mountains.

I have seen the youtube ones but honestly they are just either about materials or just the tools and do not help me to much.

even if their are people on here who could teach me for a hourly fee I do not mind. Thank you.

As far as I know there are no paid tutorials about that around, but you could ask tesla for one on one tutoring: - YouTube :slight_smile:
Probably you can also find some useful tutorials here:

What exactly do you want to know about landscapes, probably we can help you. :slight_smile:

Just want to know how to create mountain like landscapes nice looking hills. in general a nice torraine however i am quite bad at using the tools but i would like to know how to make a layout of an island e.g. sea/beach torriane hills mountain

For a high quality terrain you have to learn world machine or a similar program to create a heightmap which you can import into the UE4 (that’s how epic games made the mountain demo). :slight_smile:

Take a look at those tutorials:

what about manually as id prefer to do it all my self.

You can also do with the landscape tool, but this needs a lot of practice -> just start sculpting your landscape till you can create really good ones :wink:

lol been doing that since i was a subscriber mate

Yep, it takes a long time till you get a good result (that’s why most people just use tools like world machine). The only way to learn that is to know the basics of the landscape tool (the youtube videos + documentation) + learning by doing :slight_smile:

For an island: add a landscape plane + a water plane on top of it -> increase the height of the terrain.

may try this. water is one thing i will hate lol players will have to swim… that will be fun to figure out. but yeah may try that, normally i just delete the plain and just use a material and click create landscape and modify from their.

This video will show you have to create a basic swimmable water: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Quick Swimmable Water - YouTube + combine it with the free water package which you can find on the marketplace

How do you create a large map in world machine? I have did a couple tutorials but don’t understand hwo to change the size and texture of the map to create multiple heighmaps to import. If I could figure that out I to would be golden lol

The first minutes in this video shows you how to create tiles -> Unity3D Island terrain - Tiled Worldmachine heightmaps - YouTube :slight_smile:

i can teach ya people how to create high quality terrains using world machine…but you’ll have to pay me $50/hour