[PAID] Translator [English -> Russian/Russian -> English]

I provide translation and localization, as mentioned in the Title, from Eng to Rus and from Rus to Eng. I’m native russian and I’m very excited to help your game/website/game guide or whatever else to conquer russian audience :slight_smile:
I guess it’s more likely to be a freelance job, but I will consider any rellocation offers as well.

Main highlights from it:
Education: PhD in Germanic Languages
Work experience: About 4 years

Previous Work Sample
I can provide more previous work samples on demand. Feel free to ask in Skype or here. There are just some of them:

Email: shaurma90@mail.ru or shaurma90@gmail.com
Skype: shaurmaaa

Programming Knowledge
Working in UE since it went free, means March 2015.
Web: HTML, CSS, PHP - basic knowledge.