[Paid/Trade] Indie Game Website Building


I don’t want to specify any specific prices, due to the fact that every website is different, and I could throw up some websites within days, while others could take me a month or so. However, I am open to discussion and I will try and reach a price that is reasonable for the both of us. I know that Indie teams don’t often have a huge budget, and you probably know I have to at least make enough to make it worth my time.

In all honesty If you are interested, would be best to contact me and we can discuss farther, but here is a General guideline:

Website Fee: In order to host a website you must purchase a (Web Host) & a (Domain Name). The place I usually purchase my Websites from charge $12 for the first year, and give you a free domain name with it. This price can change however since it is determined by the provider.

**Minimum Price: **($50) + Website fee

Average Website: ($100 - 250) + Website fee

More Complex Websites: ($250 - 500+) + Website fee


I am currently throwing together a Portfolio Website for myself, in order to get some clients (For Creating Websites - Hence the Title), However I am not much of an artist, and need some assets for my website (Simple Logo, Background Images, Borders, etc). My website is pretty simple, and if I get a talented artist, I do not think it should be an overwhelming amount of assets (its a very simple single page website).

So my proposal is that I could possibly find an Artist who maybe needs a landing page/portfolio website and I will create it for them in exchange for some art assets for my own site. If anyone is interested, I would love to talk with them and discuss farther details.

I must warn that I am not a 5 star, professional web developer, but I personally think that I can create a pretty solid website, that should be suitable for most purposes. If you need to know about what I can accomplish you can check out which is a team who’s website I have been creating for them. Although the website is still a work in progress, I think it shows around the skill level of what I am capable of. . . Another Website (Even farther incomplete - As it is for a side project I am working on, and have not been able to put as much time into) which still currently has many placeholder images and text, is Hopefully someone will be interested in a trade as I could really use some images for my website to start working on getting some clients. I would love to talk with anyone interested and see what we can work out.

Email me at if you are interested or simply have some questions that I failed to address in the post.
Hope to hear from you soon
-Anthony Davis

Hi’a! Anthony Davis has been working with me over the last month to develop the website for my game War For Orion which is currently in development using Unreal Engine 4. You can see the website here: . Although the site is still under construction Anthony has done a fantastic job of implementing all the features I have asked for. Anthony has been professional in his handling of the task and has provided great creative input to the website design. If you need a website building for your Unreal Engine game then I can highly recommend Anthony Davis for the job! :slight_smile: