[PAID/TRADE] 2D/3D Designer

I am a freelance Designer looking to do more game work. Portfolio can be seen at For 3D I can model, texture, map and rig with the epic plug-in. For 2D I can create just about anything from app icons to concept illustration.

Character design
Character modeling
Sprite sheets

Currently looking for paid work.

Also looking to trade with programmers or animators so we can help each other get some ideas off of the ground.
Currently have 2 projects I am looking for programmers and animators for which are both really basic mobile games. 1 2D, and 1 3D.

I can be contacted through email at if you would like a quote, or to discuss a trade.

Lets make some awesome stuff!

Anyone know why I can’t get pictures to attach in my thread? Keep getting a database error.

Some new character work in engine. More work can be seen at along with illustrations.


You need bp programmers or C++ code? Also Android or ios?

Because if its BP for mobiles we possibly could make trade deal.