[PAID] Tito Belgrave - Full-time Freelance Character Artist

Hello all, I’m a Full-time] Character and Asset creation freelance artist currently seeking any paid opportunities. I unfortunately cannot work for free but I’m very flexible with budgets which can cater to all developers. Basically if the project is exciting chances are I would love to work on it. :slight_smile:

I’ve worked on a variety of titles from AAA to Indie which can be viewed here or at your leisure.

Please take a moment to preview some of my work below and click through to my portfolio for a lot more.

Tito Belgrave’s Portfolio

If interested please PM or connect through Skype (tbelgrave) for further discussion.


Samples: Please head to my portfolio page to see full sizes

Thanks for taking a look

Killer stuff man. I really love the tiger, and I’m looking forward to the new Far Cry. Can’t wait to see more of your work.

Cheers Stephan! Appreciate that. I’m really looking forward to Far Cry myself, really enjoyed the last one. I’ll be a part of this community a lot more in the future, so I’ll make sure to share any work I create in the engine!


Wow this is incredible! i am anticipating Far Cry 4 a lot! its going to be an amazing game. your 3D work is Amazing no doubt. I’m very impressed with your quality of work keep it up!

Thanks much Chatterbox! Appreciated. If any devs are interested in dialogue for present or future projects I’m always available to discuss. I’ll post some other type of samples here shortly.

Nice work there! :slight_smile:

Hi all, it’s been a while since I posted this thread. I wanted to let any of interest know that I’ll be available for new contracts again within the week. If you have a project in need of character work please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can see some of my recent works in the We Happy Few teaser trailer I created and will be creating all the characters for the game.


Hi again, just wanted to show this Exosuit character I created for Gamers Frontier’s upcoming Indie Title “Ascend”

This was my first time using Substance Painter for texturing & Marmoset used for the final render. Sculpted in Zbrush

This is the real-time model coming in @ 55k tris!

See more here.

Hiya guys, I’ve started a new series of creature sculpts from a recent client of mine. In this series I was given a 3 day timeframe for each character since they were being created for an Ipad game called Contact 2320 from Lucidwizard. The client didn’t want me to spend tons of time on each character so I decided to record each creature’s sculpting and polypainting process to see what I can actually achieve within an 8 hr timeframe. (Time I allocated to myself)

At times I can be a very unorthodox modeler as you’ll see in these 8 different alien creatures. In total each model you will see took 3 days from sculpt to real-time model. I hope you enjoy and possibly learn something new.

I decided to make them free with the option to leave a tip if you wanted to be overly generous, but I’m more about sharing my experiences here.

That is some real amazing work man.

Thx much Ryzon, I have a lot more to show as I’m currently updating my portfolio.

That said, I’m currently open for new contracts!

Hi Tito,

I was unable to contact you through your website. I am very interested in your work and would like to get in contact with you. My e-mail is or my skype is fosterpatchins.

Hiya Foster, thx I’ve replied to your email. And yes I’ll definitely have to add a notification text to my contact form that the message has been sent :slight_smile:

Thanks to those who downloaded the first video in this series, it’s very much appreciated.

I released today the Spy - creature 2 of 8 in my pay what you want (PWYW) series.

Similar description as in my previous post.

The Spy was a lot of fun to create, I loved his look and feel while creating it, and I hope you enjoy this new vid.

Gumroad link

Tumble him around in 3D over at Artstation

**And as always, I’m open to new contract work, please get in touch **here ]( you would like to discuss your project.

Would you be able to move to AUS for a full time role?

Hiya WNxArcticwolf, I really appreciate the offer, but no not at this time.

Ain’t even gonna lie, that stuff looks sweet as f-.

I’m impressed, I rarely get impressed these days.

Haha cheers Kodokye, really appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi all, I’m still open for new contracts, if any devs are looking for a character artist definitely get in contact

Hello all, I would like to introduce you to the next creature in my series, this new and vastly improved Soldier time-lapse now comes with full commentary. Due to requests I’ve made significant changes with this release, please read below;

  • Videos have been slowed to 4x
  • Full Audio commentary of my thoughts and process
  • Videos are now split into smaller bite size chunks (6 videos in total)

**Gumroad link **

**View it in 3D on Artstation **

View the trailer

Please share the link with your friends/colleagues, if you feel they will enjoy it as well.

Thank you!

Emailed you via your website. Nice work by the way!