[PAID] (Technical) Sound Designer and Composer

Hey I’m Flo and I’m a freelance sound designer. My focus is sound design but I have more than 14 years experience making music and more than 6 Years in the gaming business.

(Technical) Sound Design and Composing

  • Technical Sound Design and Composing
  • Wwise Certified Professional
  • Unreal 4 / Unity audio implementation using the unreal / unity audio engine or middleware (Wwise, FMOD)
  • Basic UE4 blueprinting
  • Implementation of audio with FMOD and Wwise in Unity using C#
  • Foley- and Fieldrecordings with my own equipment
  • Sound Design and composition for game trailers and linear media
  • Vocal recordings and ADR; post-production for trailers and videos


DM me here
Discord: s0ma#5359

Additional Information:

  • Timezone is CET
  • I’m currently learning c++
  • Rates are negotiable