[PAID] set up VR Expansion Plugin (VRE) and VR IK Body and get grippable controllers working

basically I need the hand motion controller grip script logic from this

working with this VR IK Body in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

I can see that the motion controllers move the hands and move the pawn around but I cant pick stuff up with the VRE controllers.

so you would need to make it so the controllers in VRE can pick stuff up and fire the default weapon.

This could be done fairly quickly, from what I understand its just setting up a couple of variables but my skills are not that good to figure it out on my own

Hi I can help you with that, I’ve been working in VR for 2 years both C++ and blueprints, and worked with VRE one time so I’m sure I can get this to work fine for you.
you can DM me on Discord: QFouge#0663