[Paid] Server-Client Programmer

Looking for:
UE4 Programmer to help implement server-client code and minor networking tasks. This is a paid role.

Send your applications to hegemony.hr@gmail.com

The Project

Hegemony began as a passion project, we believe that what made our childhood MMORPGs (2000-2010) special was something more than nostalgia, but instead games were made in a different way, love and care was poured into games back then to create truly immersing worlds.
We started developing the project in Minecraft, as a proof of concept and to test that our old-school way of designing still had a place in people’s hearts, especially in the hearts of the newer generation of gamers who were never exposed to classical-MMORPGs.

After over 1,000,000 lines of code, 400,000 lines of gameplay code and 4 years of development we released, and to our relief our design concepts were a breath of fresh air to newer gamers and hit just the right spot for older gamers nostalgic for their childhood experiences.

Release Trailer: Hegemony Release Trailer | MMORPG (Minecraft MMORPG) | Releases 28 March - YouTube

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