[Paid] Serious game Healthcare

Part time at beginning: We need help with the creation of characters and animated assets, animation and interactions into the game.

Company located in Canada, starting a new project in VR.

We need the developer has an UpWork account for the moment while testing him. We have payment verified at 100%

  • Independent, we are looking for long term people. Not agencies [Excluding]
  • Good communication and responsive in week days.
  • Monday to Friday availability
  • Preference between GMT-8 to GMT -3 (not excluding)
  • Interest into VR and serious games
  • Spoken English interview (medium level required)
  • Epic games Unreal 4.26, BP knowledge, 3DSMax, Maya, Character creator.
  • Bonus: any background in the medical field or basic related knowledge. (not excluding)

Please send your resume and/or portfolio to and hourly income expectation.

Hi folks, I got a lot of mails and I’d read all off them, thanks for your time. I’ll have your portfolios in consideration. Great job by the way.