[PAID] Senior Technical Artist needed at Enterspace, Stockholm

We are looking for a talented and creative senior technical artist to exand our content team at Enterspace, Stockholm, Sweden. Short notice.
Learn about Enterspace here:


  • Engaging in all phases of development including concept, production and updates
  • Providing guidance and leadership in every aspect of the content creation pipeline
  • Improving and maintaining the art production workflow, and making decisions about which art packages and tools a studio should use
  • Ensuring art assets can be easily integrated into our projects without sacrificing the artistic vision or exceeding the platform’s technical limits
  • Leading efforts in material creation, including making materials for characters, environment assets and vehicles as well as creating visual effects
  • Initiating optimization processes by using diagnostic tools to examine current content and identifying areas for improvement
  • Investigating new techniques, implementing them and training the team

Send your application with resume to:

anders at

Anders Seton
Producer, Enterspace

Ah we are huge fans of the stuff you are doing over there, ringwalker is pretty badass. IIf you’re open to working with someone remote while you look for mr/mrs right in-house we’d love to work with you!