[PAID] Senior Environment Artist + UE Generalist needed

We are looking for Unreal crew for an upcoming Amazon Studios virtual production show here in the UK. This will be remote until September, with the option to join us on location from then until May.

  1. Senior Environment Artist.
    This role will include environment creation from art department briefs / storyboards, as well as lighting and quality control of assets and levels from third-party venders. No specific virtual production experience required, as long as you can show us a strong reel / final pixel quality work examples.

  2. Generalist / Stage Operator.
    This role will require operating Unreal on set, as well as some light tool development. Bonus points for an understanding of any of the following: multi-user workflows, remote control API, realtime compositing, in-camera vfx, motion capture, Take recorder / sequencer.

If either of these roles are you, please get in touch!