[PAID/ROYALTY] Sound Designer / Music Composer ♪ ♫ available for hire!

Hi, I’m Tris - freelance sound designer / music composer. Currently working on and off sound design for some new attractions at Ferrari World (below is one of the new rides, but more is going on inside that I’m working on). I want to get into composing for games, and aim to specialise in it. I’m more interested in the music than the SFX but can do either / both.
Flying Aces - Now Open at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi:


I worked in a dolby studio for a couple of years working on all sorts of projects in all sorts of surround formats. Anything from cinema to TV, commercials, animation, and immersive experiences. Since then I have gone freelance and composed / sound designed for various projects (see below).

I now use Pro Tools HD for audio post, and Logic for composing, on a Mac Pro.

I’m currently looking into FMOD, and getting used to the idea of working in a non-linear format. I’m also really interested in virtual reality with it’s potential, and thinking about how to approach 3D sound in VR.

**Previous Work:

**Playtech LED cube - Music Composition and Sound Design:

Install preview:

Jaguar Land Rover - Cinema Commercial - Sound Design:


**Music Composition:

Sound Design:


E-mail: info [at]

Additional Information:

I can be flexible… I am looking for work, but I’m also looking for experience in games. So if you’d like to work with me, please do get in touch to discuss.


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