[PAID/ROYALTY] Looking for youtubers.

This is Ferran.
We have a group of developers called Creative Oven Studios.

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CreativeOven
Official websites: https://creativeovenstudios.com/ https://creativeovenstudio.neocities.org/

And we are looking for youtubers to promote and beta test our video games.

These are the titles we have made:

Gladiators of the arena: Gladiators of the arena Campaign Trailer GOTA - YouTube
Ancient gladiators: Ancient Gladiators 1V 1.3 Tigers and such COOP MP Campaign, Demo version coming soon trailer 1.3. - YouTube
Liberation special forces: LSF, Liberation Special forces launch trailer, PC Game. - YouTube

webbrowser games:

there is one down there

Allies/Members tobopproductions https://www.tobop.com.au/

Is anybody willing to make youtube videos of our games and post them in youtube for money or for royalties?

add me or join our discord…