[PAID+ROYALTY] Looking for a lead Environment Artist for a MegaGrants recipient FPS puzzle game

Hey Unrealists!
I already wrote on reddit, but just to broaden my reach, I’ll post here too :slight_smile:

In my spare time I’m working on a side-project, for which I’d love to work with an Art Director, someone, who can design and build the environment to be consistent, exciting and fitting to both the gameplay and the story.

About myself
I’m Kristóf Morva, a full-time Game Programmer currently at Zen Studios. I’m doing my best to be part of the Unreal Engine ecosystem, like participating on game jams, writing tutorials, frequently contributing to the engine source, etc. You can access my CV here.

The Project
I’m working on Polars, a physics-based magnetic FPS puzzle game with a realistic art style. It targets to reach the audience who enjoys Portal / Talos Principle / Q.U.B.E 2 / Turing Test / etc: sequential puzzle rooms, with an overarching story line.
I already have a working gameplay prototype, it has been accepted by Nintendo for Switch development, and it has also received an Epic MegaGrants (yaaay!)

Who am I looking for?
I have concept arts and ideas for the visual representation, however, I am not artistically skilled enough to pull it off alone. I’d like to work with someone, who:

  • Is professional, creative and is able to iterate on ideas until they find a great direction
  • Has strong 3D modelling / texturing / material skills (i.e. Substance / Mixer / etc)
  • Is able to assemble full scenes in UE4 (including lighting, fogging, Megascans, etc)

Naturally, if you’re coming from another engine or you’re still learning, and you’re not proficient in something, like using Megascans or UE4’s fog - that’s alright, getting to know new features is a very useful part of working on a project. Just have a strong basis, have a passion for learning new things and be able to put effort into self-improvement.
Of course you wouldn’t have to do it all - the more tools you are skilled with, the better (concepting, Niagara, character modelling, animations, …), but these are not a necessity, just be able to use them if they are outsourced :slight_smile:
If our collaboration is smooth, I’d also welcome to work with the same person on further titles.

I’m open to different solutions, like

  • Royalty+Paid: You’d get payments for development milestones, and later a share of the sales. I don’t have a budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but hopefully we can make a deal which fits us both; let’s discuss what works best for you.
  • Skill Share: If you have your own side-project running and you need a programmer for it (and I’m a fit), we can also contribute to each others’ projects. “Luckily” during quarantine I have quite some free time.
  • Or let me know if you have some other preferance :slight_smile:

You can hit me up on Discord: KristofMorva#4030
Please attach a portfolio (and maybe a CV if you have).

If I have forgotten to provide any important information, or you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Thank you and have a nice day! :slight_smile: