[PAID/ROYALTY] James "GeneralJ927" - Freelance Level Designer, 3D Modeller and Games Tester

Hello I am James,

If you are in need or interested in a Level Designer, 3D Modeller or Games Tester for your project, large or small, to create levels, models or to test anything, then please head on over to my website, where you’ll find information on my services and my portfolio.

Website and Portfolio:

If you have any questions you want to ask or to request my services, use the e-mail listed below.
Please include either one of these or multiple in the subject line, based on what you are enquiring/requesting, Level Design, 3D Modelling, Games Testing and/or other.

Please can you also include your name and all relevant information of your request to help me know what you would like me to do. 

freelance at generalj927 dot net
(replace the at with @ and dot with . in your e-mail send to)

Thank you for your time in reading my post and hopefully you’ll be in contact. :slight_smile:


Updated website portfolio with images of a WIP map in UE4, here is one below.

Now offering my level design work, updating portfolio.

Also if a moderator pops by, can you update the thread title to match the post title, thanks.

Taking on requests for work for after next week, will still be available to answer questions in e-mails and discuss things with you, this is for those that are not in an immediate hurry and/or looking to add people to their teams they are building.

Do you have any UE4 experience that can be shown?

Sadly not currently, I am working on a map to add to my portfolio though.

I am available and have updated my website portfolio with images of a WIP map in UE4, one of the images is in the first post.

Available for work, if you have any questions, just ask.

Just want to mention that I am not looking for developer partnership deals, that involves only a 2 person team, although if you think it can work well and all skills required can be suitably covered, then do get in contact and I will see if we can sort something.

Available for work.

Available for work, got any questions? feel free to ask.

Just to inform those looking at this thread, I check my e-mail often compared to the inbox on the forums, if you contact me by e-mail you’ll receive a faster reply, thank you.

Also a little update, although I am currently away for the week, I am able to respond.

Available for work.