[PAID/ROYALTY] Composer Specialising in Action/Sci-Fi/Horror (PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch Credits)

Hi all,

I’m a Composer based in London, UK who specialises in high intensity Action, Sci-Fi and Horror music for games. I work with both orchestral and modern, contemporary sounds (Synths, Guitars, EDM elements) and blend these techniques where appropriate.

Previous credits include the indie horror game ‘Welcome To Hanwell’ (PC & PS4) for which I composed an almost 2 hour score and the soundtrack for Gamementary’s ‘Divinity: Original Sin’ Documentary, telling the story of Larian Studios and their successful RPG franchise. Both featured in my Showreel below:

More recently I’ve been diving into more in-depth Interactive Music techniques and using Wwise for implementation. Here’s an Action/Sci-Fi Shooter track I composed showcasing Vertical Layering musical interactivity and a Destiny 2 redesign example:

Full Bio, Credits and Music examples are available on my website:

Please do get in touch via DM or the Contact form on my website if you think I could be a good fit for your project.

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As a huge fan of Mick Gordon and his Doom/Wolfenstein music, here’s my take on some over the top FPS Combat Music. 8 String Guitars, Glitch Synths and heavy percussion!

Here’s a big epic and slightly Sci-Fi influenced take on RPG/Fantasy music, with lots of Choir!

Here’s a highlight reel showcasing my work on indie horror title ‘Welcome To Hanwell’ (PC/PS4)

I just finished this Dark Orchestral War Theme! Purposely written with a lack of Sound Design/Electronic elements in order to focus on Orchestral writing and orchestration.

Something a little different and trying to take a positive out of the current Lockdown situation. I decided to use the extra time to pick up the Guitar again for the first time in over a decade. It just had to be an 8 string and I wanted to attempt to build a Cover of Mick Gordon’s ‘The Only Thing They Fear Is You’ from Doom: Eternal.

Everything you hear in the track is me trying to recreate the original as closely as possible!