[PAID] Robert Munday, Freelance animator

I am now available for short or long term freelance opportunities. I pride myself on my 100% transparency when it comes to rates and time put into the work required. If the project is right I am willing to work for portfolio rights however my priority is on gaining myself paid contracts. Rates are job dependent.

Please feel free to contact me through private message here or you can find contact information at my website below.

Skillset(s): Animation

  • 3+ years fulltime freelance
  • Max and Maya
  • Bipedal and creature animation
  • Retargetting of prior animation


  • Sound knowledge of the ART tools and integration
  • Creation of rigs within Maya using “Rapid Rig” plug in, allows for a very wide assortment of creatures, humans and anything in-between


EDIT: New DemoReel!


Direct message
Discord: ChewyButton#2151

Additional Information:

  • Available long or short term
  • Happy to work through the night to cater to client timezones (with the help of sugar)
  • Available for video calls if required


I am always open for comments and feedback, good or bad. Transparency is key and I am always looking to improve.

Been taking part in the Animtober challenges over at Polycount while work is quiet. If you have any animation that needs doing please feel free to contact me.

Great animations and also a great rate! Pleasure to work with.

Highly recommended, especially for indies.

  • Tesla Dev.

Been nice and busy but still have the time to help out others, if you are in need of animations please get into contact!

Here is a quick look at something I can show.

Working closely with some highly influential people from the Epic/Unreal community on a currently undisclosed project.

Still have the time to provide high class work to other projects so if you are in need of an animator the please feel free to contact me.

The contributions continue. With the help of a team mate, it is time to get a more professional image. Custom thumbnails!

If you require any animation please feel free to contact me so we can discuss what I can provide your projects.

Something a little different this time, first time doing swimming from a first person perspective, check it out. If you require any animation for a project please feel free to get in touch via message or you can visit my site for Skype details.

Did a Mech test for a client which included creating the rig and a walk cycle. Was a cool little project.

Please feel free to take a look and get in contact with me if you have any animation needs on the run up to the holidays, I will be available right up until Christmas Eve!

Did someone say Dinosaur?

Still got a week and a bit before the Xmas break hits so feel free to contact me if you have any animation work that needs doing, I find my client base keeps on growing and would love to be able to provide more projects with the animation they need.

Back to begin 2018 strong, hope everyone had a successful 2017 and enjoyed their time off. I thought I would throw together some of my favorite contract pieces into one easy to watch video!
Check it out. I am now taking on more work for an immediate start so if you have any animation needs please feel free to contact me here via PM or visit my site above for more contact options.

While work is quiet I have gone back to some older pieces and applied what I have learned so far. Website has a new dedicated section for practice/study pieces so I can keep improving to provide the utmost top quality I can achieve to my clients.

if you have any animation work needed for your project please get in touch so we can get you what you need!

Back with a super exciting update, here is a trailer for an indie game I have the privilege of helping on I will leave all the companies details first with my timestamped contributions below to not take away from the amazing team who put this together. Sorry Unreal Engine team but this is a Unity made game! This however does not detract from how amazing it is. Enjoy and if you have any animation work needed please contact me so we can arrange it.

Company: Redirecting...


(All camera work was done in engine by another talented person so cannot take credit for it)

0.38-0.43: Hand turning door knob and door opening/settle

0.43-1.01: Twitching idle of female character

1.00-1.04: Raising/grabbing of right arm

1.07-1.13: First Person arm animation

2.15-2.18: Stabbing animation (First person arms only)

2.23-2.29: Opening and raise of hand.

Remainder: All first person arm animation seen (Not the camera work)

Can you sync dialogue? I have a pretty unique horror project an I’m looking for the right animator.

Wow, it has been some time since this has been updated! Having work behind so many NDA’s means what I can show is limited so in the mean time here is some personal work I am animating as part of an Art Jam challenge.

I am available for more freelance work so feel free to contact me on here, Discord or Skype so we can discuss how I can help your project get some awesome animation into it!…

Back with a bit more personal work, available now for short or long term freelance contracts!

If you have any work relating to animation you may need please contact me so we can discuss how I can be of service to your projects.

Made a start on something new, exciting things coming in the next coupple of months but until then I have some time to dedicated to your projects! If you have any animation work feel free to contact me.

Back with some work from an ongoing contract which I have permission to show! A long term contract for an exciting VR adventure game where you play as a dragon exploring a beautiful hand painted world full of bizzare creatures. Here is something a little more normal! I do however have extra time to put towards other projects, if you have any animation needs please feel free to contact me here or drop me an email at [EMAIL=“”]

Back with some ongoing contract work (Which I can show!) however I still have hours available starting immediatly if you happen to have any animation needs. Please get in touch and let me know what you need.

Recently took part in an Animation Art Test for a potential studio role. In the mean time while I wait to hear back, I can fit in more contracts! If you have any animation requirements please feel free to get in touch!

Been doing a lot of bouncy stylised stuff lately! One contract is coming to a close shortly so I will be available to pick up more animation work. If you and your team require animations please feel free to get in touch so we can start discussing what I could do for your project. In the mean time look at this cute (Yet untextured) crab.