[PAID] Research into using UE for CCTV simulation

We are working on a tool which lets us test low-quality CCTV systems in a virtual environment. For this, we need “realistic” 3D animations of people (in OBJ format) to feed into our simulator. The people may be carrying various objects (e.g. a phone in the hip area) and have clothing (e.g. hoodie, jeans and trainers) that moves somewhat realistically with the person.

At the moment, we are manually creating these animations with various tools, and the process is quite time-intensive. We’ve been using pre-rigged Daz3D models and animating them with a motion capture tool. We attach objects to the person model in Blender, then fit clothing using Marvelous Designer. We are now keen to automate, improve and speed up the process, and generate many more models and think Unreal Engine might be the way to go.

We’re looking for someone to help with model development, in addition to advice on which tools or processes to use, or how best to automate certain steps. We are by no means 3D experts, so we’re not wedded to our current process – we just need the models to be exported frame by frame at the end in an OBJ format to be imported into our simulation package. Given the low resolution of our final simulation, we’re open to different approaches and we don’t need anything extremely high resolution or photo-realistic.

Please reach out if you think this is something you could help us with.

Hi there,

I specialize in creating Unreal Engine products for enterprise applications. Your project sounds interesting - are you creating simulated data to train an AI model?

I have experience working with AI and computer vision as well. You can see examples of some of my relevant projects in this video: Autonomus Checkout.mp4 - Google Drive

I’d be happy to discuss how we could streamline your 3D animation process using Unreal Engine, while still allowing for the OBJ exports you need.

If you’d like to explore this further, please email me at srikant@realityscale.com. I’m interested to learn more about your requirements and see how I can help.


For sure we can use meta humans with Epic’s already available animations to have some characters moving around and capture a video of them. We can attch some phones and other objects to them pretty easily as well.

This can be done in different environment made uising quixel assets prettty quickly and we at https://nooparmygames.com can easily do this for you and automate it.

Email me at ashkan.saeedi.1989@gmail.com or info@nooparmygames.com so we can discuss it more. I can show you other automation projects we have done over time. We’ve done multiple projects which you automate making some assets and generating videos from them using movie render queue and sequencer.

thanks both!

Unreal Engine (UE) for CCTV Simulation


  • Real-Time Rendering: High-quality, realistic visuals.
  • Physics and AI: Realistic movements and behaviors.
  • Blueprint System: Visual scripting for ease of use.
  • Plugins: Enhanced functionality for specialized needs.


  • Training: Cost-effective security personnel training.
  • Scenario Testing: Controlled environment for testing responses.
  • Design: Optimize CCTV placements in buildings.


  • Security Training: Identify and respond to incidents.
  • System Design: Plan CCTV coverage.
  • Incident Analysis: Recreate incidents for better security measures.

Research Steps

  1. Literature Review:

    • Study existing research on game engines for simulations.
  2. Technical Evaluation:

    • Assess UE features beneficial for CCTV simulation.
  3. Case Studies:

    • Find examples where UE was used for surveillance simulations.
  4. Prototyping:

    • Create and test a CCTV simulation in UE.
  5. Consultation:

    • Get insights from security experts.
  6. Documentation:

    • Record findings, processes, and results.

By following these steps, you can effectively research and develop CCTV simulations using Unreal Engine toutatice.