(PAID) (REMOTE) Senior Web Javascript Engineer

Senior Web Javascript Engineer at GeoTech BV

Remote Friendly


What you’ll do

As a web developer at Geodesic, you’ll be creating interfaces for multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktops for our gaming and simulation projects.
These will act as a frontend for communicating with Unreal Engine from Javascript and the WebBrowsers’ API.

Your role will be to implement and integrate web UI’s for gaming, streaming, and enterprise projects.
This will include working with the web communication methods within Unreal Engine, such as Remote Control, HTTP API, and Web Sockets API.


● Deep knowledge of JavaScript, Typescript and front-end frameworks like React, Angular, Next.js, and Material UI
● Experience architecting complex web projects
● Experience working in startup environment
● UX / UI experience
● Understanding of both relational and NoSQL databases
● Experience with streaming web video standards and best practices including experience with WebRTC is a big plus
● CPP knowledge is a big plus
● Unreal Engine knowledge is a plus
● Mindset of writing well tested code, including unit-testing, integration testing and end-to-end testing

How To Apply:

E-mail: elena.makarenko@geotech.one
Discord: LENA#6958