[PAID/REMOTE] Looking for a skilled C++ / BP Developer


We’re a small indie team with a background in 2D games, and we’re developing our very first stylized 3D first-person single player adult adventure/RPG game. The project was initially developed in Unity engine, but we’ve switched to UE4 due to numerous reasons.

We’re currently looking for an Unreal programmer to help create our very first prototype/framework.


  • C++ / Blueprints
  • Behavior trees and AI
  • RPG mechanics (non-combat)
  • Shader development (optional)

You need to be 18 years or older to apply, as the game will include mature content.

Please make sure to include your portfolio/experience, availability and your hourly rate when you contact us.


DM here on forums
Discord: Macroorchidism#4647
Email: macroorchidism[at]