[PAID] Remote Lead Programmer - 2.5D strategy game

Hello and thank you for your interest. My name’s Sebastian and I’m the Creative Director at Downward Viral, an indie game studio based in San Francisco. Our first project, a digital card game, launched for Steam in 2016. It was basically made for pocket change. For our next project, we’ve secured proper funding and are switching from Unity to Unreal, and as such are in need of a full-time Unreal-based lead programmer.


  • Full-time commitment = 40 hours a week
  • 18-month contract with potential for additional contract(s) or salaried position.

First and foremost, pay will be competitive with industry standards.

There is also room for negotiation based on your previous experience, and bonuses based on individual and project performance.

The Game
A linear 2.5D strategy game with no platforming/physics. Environments will be fully 3D with dynamic lighting, weather, time of day, etc.

Primary Responsibilities
If it requires a line of code, one way or another it’s your responsibility. Audio/visual assets will be provided.


  • Fluency in English (written/spoken)
  • Fluency in latest version of Unreal Engine
  • Fluency in C++
  • Fluency with Blueprint
  • No existing contractual obligations
  • Professionalism, discipline, hard-working, and commitment to clear and constant communication
  • For this role, we’re seeking someone who has shipped at least one notable title.

This is a remote position for any competent applicant in the world. If you live in/near Southern or Northern California, that’s a bonus, but not a requirement.

Additional opportunities
Junior programmer and environment artist contracts are also available for the same project.

[EMAIL=“”]Please send your CV/LinkedIn and portfolio link(s) to me ASAP.

hi there. Just sent an email with info and a portfolio.

Thank you!

Hi. Still need someone or this is closed already? Thanks