[ Paid Remote ] - Lead game developer or Team

We are looking for an experienced Lead Game Developer/Programmer to help develop and lead this indie project.

Project aims are to build a social environment online for card holders to play experimental games using their unique cards.

The project itself has potential to be very creative for the applicant. We need someone who has passion for creating all types of games.

The candidate will collaborate with a leading film concept artist to build games around trading cards with randomly generated stats for a unique experience in each game we create. All set in a wild space bar called “ Joylina’s Cantina “

Our ideal candidate is well-versed in implementation of full game systems. We value raw talent over hyper specialization, and encourage breadth of expertise particularly in early development stages. An interest in both PC and Mobile platforms is ideal.

The first task will be to develop a trading card game using our cards.


  • 2+ years experience as a Game Developer (can be hobbyist, indie, or AAA)

  • Experience with Unity or Unreal

  • Experience designing games

  • Experience with Web 2.0 is a plus but not necessary

  • Experience through 1-2 full development cycles is a plus but not necessary (can be hobbyist, indie, or AAA)

  • Solid English

  • Strong analytical, debugging and optimization skills

  • Able to work independently initially, with a view to eventually leading a team

  • Strong communication and collaboration with other team members

  • Identify risks involved with the development of games and provide solutions to resolve complex problems

  • Provide estimated time to complete programming task/objectives and be committed to meet them

  • Flexibility and ability to adapt new technical changes as per project needs

Applicants please contact

I’m interested. Here is my work so far: