[PAID] [Remote] Hiring AAA Team - Developers, Technical Artists, and more

Project Title:

We are a US based tech startup building an open world AAA game utilizing proprietary machine learning to offer unique interactive experiences.

Talent Required:
We are primarily looking for senior developers and tech artists to join our team.

However we are also hiring other roles in the following specialities:
Custom Shaders
Environment, Lighting, Level Designer
3d modelers
VFX specialists

Email with your portfolio, desired salary, and estimated start date.

Team Structure:
We currently have an international team allowing everyone to work in their local timezone. We do standup calls multiple times during the week over zoom.



Do you need any Composers / Sound Designers ?

ps - not sure if you are aware but your website gets flagged by google as unsecure.

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Cant contact you though email, We are team, working on 3D models for game development more then 6 years, here is our email