[Paid, Remote] Hiring a freelance Game developer - game mechanics in Blueprints and or C++ )


Job description:
I am working on a very serious project, I am looking for 1 person to come in and help me build some game mechanics such as simple character creator, and other core mechanics. I have already started the project and will be selling on Steam. You will get a credit and I will pay for your service. This is per project payment not hourly. Will have many projects for you tom complete.

Qualification :
Strong understanding of blueprints ( C++ is a bonus)

Please reply with your portfolio or previous experience and I will reach out to setup an interview for qualified candidates.

Hey, I’ve been a technical artist and prototyper in unreal for a few years now.
You can see some of my old stuff at
I’m interested but can I get some more information? What kind of game is it? What are you looking for game mechanics wise and what’s the timeline/ deadlines you have in mind?

You can reach me on discord at TheNomad#0340 if that’s easier for you.