[PAID/REMOTE] Gameplay Programmer for PvE VR Game

Hi, We are a studio based in the UK with developers across the world building VR Games for Quest2/PCVR. We are looking for a gameplay programmer to help us take systems/features from design to implementation. The ideal candidate will have significant industry experience and a portfolio demonstrating knowledge of building complex gameplay systems in Unreal as well as generalist knowledge of the engine to assist with level design, asset setup etc. This is a full time position with salary depending on experience. PM me or submit an application to

*Developing gameplay features in both BP and C++
*Refactor existing blueprints to C-level
*Writing code that is optimized, clean, commented and scalable
*Replicating the Code so it is ready for Multiplayer
*Working with Art/VFX/SFX teams to set up actors for level design
*Using UMG to build interfaces for VR widgets
*Level design and testing

*Can provide portfolio of work demonstrating strong technical ability in Unreal (BP Systems, Materials, Tools, Plugins)
*Knowledge of editor systems such as Sequencer, Material Editor, AnimGraph, Niagara
*Experience with 3D Modelling software (3dsmax/Maya)
*Experience with VR Development a plus
*Experience with git, JIRA/Agile frameworks
*Minimum 2 Years of industry experience working with Unreal Engine 4 using BP/C++

*Independent and self-driven; able to meet deadlines with minimal supervision
*Ability to improvise and adapt to shifting project goals.
*Collaborate with the team to design and architect major gameplay systems.

bump, sitll looking

I would like to offer our help as a team.