[PAID] [REMOTE] C++ / UE4 Developer @ Onboard — Spatial Prototyping in VR

Project Title:
Onboard — Spatial Prototyping in VR

Hey there,

We recently got awarded with an Epic MegaGrant and are now looking for C++/Unreal developers to join our small but ambitious team of experts in transportation design, digital product design, and AAA game development. If you’re driven to push the state of the art in VR creation tools that use game technology to solve real-world problems, let’s talk!

Onboard is a VR CAD prototyping tool for spatial design, focused on vehicle interiors. We develop a toolset that enables mobility providers to identify and solve the challenges of (semi-)public transportation.

Onboard: Spatial Prototyping – Van Timelapse - YouTube

Onboard users explore concepts by designing them with their own hands around the stories of passengers. We create a step in the design process that shifts the focus away from technical issues and towards human needs.

Team Name:
Taletools GmbH

Team Structure:

Henning R. Horstmann
Business Development, Industrial Design, Transportation Design, Interaction Design, Blueprint Prototyping, Game Art

Michael Dietz
Business Development, Product Management, Interface Design, Marketing

Mischa Wasmuth
C++/Unreal Development, VR, Collaboration

Talent Required:

C++/Unreal Developer

You will help us with:

  • Implementing a system for creating and manipulating CAD geometry in UE4
  • Building a set of inspiring features and interaction patterns for human-centered spatial design
  • Evaluating and implementing third party software
  • Optimizing performance
  • Identifying requirements, risks and dependencies

We have a lot of tasks that require a diverse skillset and one person can’t be good at everything. That said, we think the basics for the role are:

  • A creative approach to problem solving
  • Advanced skills in C++ development
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 and its Blueprint system
  • Experience with real-time 3D applications
  • An understanding of 3D algorithms and mathematics (3D mesh manipulation, computational geometry and linear algebra)

Optional, but much appreciated:

  • Familiarity with VR best practices and interaction patterns
  • Experience with CAD tools
  • Skills in the creation of 3D content


Interested? Get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you! Please send your portfolio, resume and a cover letter to

Bumping this, since we are still looking for an awesome unreal dev to join our team :slight_smile:

Bumping again, there must be an awesome unreal vr dev for us out there somewhere. If you have any questions, just ask away! :slight_smile: