PAID - Project: Virtual Exhibit booth


I’m very new to Unreal engine, but from what I’ve seen I think it can help me on a project. Also, I’m an engineer who is not so familiar with gaming software so pardon my lack of UE4 knowledge.

Project: Create a virtual exhibit to display our products - HORIBA HORIBA Semiconductor Manufacturing and Advanced Materials

Visitor Experience: Navigate the environment to see the product line. If there is interest in a product line the visitor can interact with a button, or other triggers to see deeper details.

Environment: Convention building, HORIBA Exhibit booth, HORIBA 3D Products, Static and interactive Video displays,

HORIBA Provides: 3D object, Graphics, Videos
Skills Needed: Blueprints, Content interaction, Environment


How are Unreal projects hosted?
How does one enter the environment? Webpage, Tablet, Phone, etc…


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