[PAID] Programmer experienced in Rendering/Engine Modifications/Editor Customizations

Hi All,

I am GalaxyMan, known mostly for my work in merging the NVIDIA GameWorks techs into a single branch and adding my own personal touches on top. I have around 15 years of programming experience, primarily in C++, but have also delved into other languages such as C#, Perl, Cobol, etc. Mostly depending on what was required in my career. I have quite a lot of knowledge of the UE4 engine, as I have spent the better part of the last 2 years digging through the engine source, bugfixing, and modifying things as required for my own projects.

I am ready to take the leap into doing paid work, I am happy to accept contracts for customized features, and am also willing to tutor people on the intimidate workings of the engine, such as what is required to implement custom shaders, or a walkthrough of the rendering pipeline, etc. I can also do game related tasks, but am much more comfortable engine side.

You can see examples of my works on my YouTube channel: GalaxyMan2015 - YouTube as well as some examples of engine modifications (now mostly deprecated as Epic themselves have implemented them) on my Github account (As well as my GameWorks stuff):

Services I Provide

  • Custom Rendering features/Shader work
  • Engine modifications outside of rendering
  • Editor integration/customizations
  • Game related tasks, things like a Questing system, or inventory system, etc.
  • Tutoring on the engine source

You can contact me either via PM on these forums, or add me on Skype to discuss.

Hello I am looking to get some help with a UE4 build that is failing and I do not know why. email me at


I’m checking to see if you’re available for paid freelance work. We have a project that needs a Hairworks specialist to create fur for a realistic Panda bear.
Please let me know if you’re interested and available.


Hey @GalaxyMan2015, just stumbled accross this while sending you a message.

Aside from the subject I PM’d you about, have you considered doing something like a UDEMY course on some advanced UE4 rendering topics? I’d pay in organs for something like that!

(For some reason the thread was closed, so I’ve reopened it. Let me know if you want it closed again.)

Where abouts are you based?