[ PAID ] Producer / Director / Writer

Hello all,

I’m pursuing a career as a Producer/Director, after working mostly in Project Management and Operations in non-creative industries. To build my portfolio, skillset and experience, I’m looking for both paid and unpaid opportunities.

Current projects include two CGI animations where I’m the producer and production coordinator/post production supervisor, with tasks such as:

  • weekly check-ins with the director and nine artists
  • assigning shots to artists
  • keeping track of shot progress
  • updating the action tracker and schedules
  • communicating processes and tools used
  • replying to questions related to the renderfarm
  • launch and maintaining the brand new website
  • assist in recruiting and onboarding new artists
  • extract single frames from renders for marketing

Tools used include Discord, Google Docs, Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, Spreadsheet, Microsoft Project (Gantt Chart).

To enable me of collaborating more efficiently and effectively, I’m also learning Blender and Unreal Engine, with the latter mainly focused on cinematics.

Paid projects

  • I like to see a professional presentation, ideally a website, and highly mature written communication throughout all mediums
  • My dayrate will be on ‘portfolio-building’ level, as I find it valuable to develop myself as much as getting paid, tell me what you offer and we go from there
  • payment via PayPal
  • I’m ok with being paid the day after
  • I do NOT accept projects with royalty payment, as there is no guarantee that the project will ever be finished or be sold, so there is no income

Website: http://ambiroa.com/
Email: ambiroagx at ] gmail.com

If you have a project and not sure if it would be a fit, happy to chat with you, sent me an email and we’ll take it from there.

Best regards.

Feel free to reach out and send your linkedin url to talent@ironbellystudios.com