[PAID] Patrick de Arteaga - Musical Composer


Looking for music for your small or large project? I’ll got you covered. My name is Patrick de Arteaga and I am a freelance composer of any musical genre, like orchestral themes of any age and culture, 8/16-bit music, horror, sci-fi, or soundscapes getting an ambience more suitable. I usually work with digital sounds but I’ve also made songs with real voices, although that is something occasional…

If you need music from the greatest composers of video games you can ask for it to themself, but if you don’t want to spend much and you look for quality music, totally legal and exclusively for you, I’m your man.

I have worked with several commercial projects. You can find more info in my official website, or you can hear a sample of my portfolio now:

Advantages of working with Patrick de Arteaga:**
·Good quality music.
·Fair prices.
·Legal soundtracks with copyright.
·Warranty to re-editing your tracks.
·High availability and good communication.
·I can also take care of the sound effects.

How does the service work?
You ask, I make. I’ll send you a private link so you can hear the result. If you like it, I send you an invoice by e-mail (payment through PayPal), once the payment is done I’ll send you the audio file in all formats; and if you don’t like it, I make you something else… don’t you want I make something else? No problem, you don’t have to pay anything, I understand that I failed to satisfy you and guilt is mine alone.

Aspects to consider if you decide to hire my services:
·I can not promise that the work will be finished at the same day that it has been requested, I’m not so talented, I need my time to submit quality work.
·Of course, I will make the changes you want until you are satisfied with the final result.
·All of my commision work is protected by copyright, and when you pay for it, you get, exclusively for you, the exploitation rights of the work.

I hope I can help you with everything you need.
Send me a message or contact me through any of this social network:

Listen my musical works on soundcloud!

Don’t hesitate to ask about anything, I’ll be happy to answer :wink:

Hey there! I show you my last work, for Netherware Entertainment:

Anything you need, the doors are open. Don’t hesitate to contact me, or ask about anything here.


Hello everyone!

I notify of future updates for anyone interested in commissions: The next day 6th April, because of Easter time, an offer for all orders will open. If you are thinking about getting original and exclusive music to your game and you have a tight budget, this is your chance.

I will notify again here.


Hi everyone

Notice to those interested in commissions: from today, Easter Monday, Air Force Gear discount starts, consisting of a reduction of 40% on the base price for absolutely any request. This offer will be available until 6th May. If you plan to add quality music and with exclusivity totally legal to your project, take this oportunity.

Another thing: My official website is now available as mobile version. Check it!


I show you one of my last commission works, for a RPG game:

Remember, this is a month with special discount. Do not miss this opportunity!

New work for the game Ahura, immerse yourself in a fantasy world:

Remember, still SPECIAL DISCOUNT in commissions!

Air Force Gear discount has ended his validity last 6th May. This special offer was because of Easter Time.

Still looking for original music with copyright and at fair price? Easy with Patrick de Arteaga!


Hey there

Listen to the music I’ve composed for the game Dragon Sings Fire, from the team Robber Docks. Now available for Android, don’t wait to play it!


Showing some activity here. Listen to this work for the game in development Rush Island:

Patrick de Arteaga at your service.

Hi, I just come to announce an upcoming free music pack, especially aimed at those developers who can’t afford economic costs. This time will focus on horror themes.

The license is the same as the previous ones, allowing its use in commercial projects. If you know more about this packs, visit
The creation of this packs is only an initiative, not respond to requests. If you want exclusive music for you, contact me.


Hi developers
The soundtrack of Descendencia Carmesí is coming to the end. This game will be released on december, first in hispanic comunity.
Listen part of the soundtrack here!
Patrick de Arteaga at your service.

Hey there! Listen to a sample of Kabaxers OST, a retro style video game:

Hey there! Listen to my last original soundtrack based on a 16-bit style, composed for the horror game “Ian, The Wrinkled Reckling”:

Looking for a full soundtrack? Looking for an individual song only? Looking for something to be original and exclusive for you? Patrick de Arteaga at your service.

Futuristic style! Immerse yourself into a world of advanced technology, space missions and extraterrestrial intelligent life:

Patrick de Arteaga at your service!

Do you like music with deep feelings? Listen to my last commission works:

Remember, VK Creations is always at your service.

Hello everyone!

I’m making horror music and you can get it for a very low price. You can use it in your commercial games! Just subscribe on my Patreon account:

On the other hand, I’m still open for commissions, just contact me to know more.

New preview of the second horror track for Battle Agains Fear:

Remember you can get these tracks to use in your commercial projects, just become my patron:

More than one year offering professional quality music and I have never stopped being available. I want to keep it that way, I want your satisfaction, I want the music of your game to be just as you dreamed.
Patrick de Arteaga at your service.