[PAID] One on One Tutor Sessions Now Available!

Hi there, I’m Tesla.

If you are interested in learning Unreal Engine 4,
I’m now available to hire as a tutor for one on one digital sessions.

I have provided many tutorials on my youtube channel that you can check out here:

My expertise is in teaching beginners and i’m more of a blueprint guy than c++,
I like getting people up on their own feet to understand the engine and to develop their own skills.

You are welcome to request a lesson in a certain area of the engine such as blueprints, particles, materials, gameplay scenarios etc,
or we can just start from scratch, working through the engine at a steady pace.

My rates are £15 Per Hour Sessions.
If the session goes over 1hour and 30minutes it will total up to £20.
(If you end up being severley disappointed with a session i will offer a full refund.)

If you want to bring a friend into the lesson, i’m sure we will be able to figure something out.

If you are interested, please email me at

The sessions will most likely take place over skype and we will find a way to screen share.



Hello Your tutorials on youtube are great enough!! keep up the great work

Great idea Tesla! I think people will really like this service, especially at your affordable rate.

Thanks for the kind words guys!

John, i have replied.

Hi Tesla,

Top notch Tuts. There are several integrated online tutoring platforms available such as TutorsClass that handle the tutor/student scheduling, virtual classroom/whiteboard collab, and payment processing. I personally would like to UE4 + Oculus Technology put to use for Non-Game Applications w/Real world purpose such as this ie: Virtual 3D Classrooms, 3D Shopping Malls, etc.

Good Luck!

TechLord, Thanks so much for this. Very helpful!

Cannot beat prices like that to gain such knowledge, I am not at the point of needing one on one but i did send you a pm of something i am looking to have done very soon. Let me know your thoughts.

Sessions have been going great so far! Thanks for everyone who has got in touch.

Sadly I don’t have much money, but I am happy for you. I’m glad you can make money from being smart. :smiley: I’ll get in touch with you sometime if I feel I need any specific help.

great videos Tesla. Thank you for the already free tuts.

Is there a chance of a small game / level - 2d etc - from start to finish … maybe just a level that you could perhaps charge for - Id be really interested in this instead of finding little ‘bits’ of tutorials all over at the minute ?

Regards. As much as I would like to pay per hour etc… sometimes time is against me and would like to watch / learn something at my speed and time.

Are you still doing tutoring Tesla?