Hey folks!

My name is James Maynard, and I develop and create new educational materials for space and astronomy education. I’ve recently come across the MarsXR contest sponsored by NASA. There are several small prizes to be awarded.

The basic premise is to envision some equipment and missions which might be carried out by humans on the surface of Mars. This contest is co-sponsored by NASA and Epic, and so it all has to be done in Unreal. (I build in another 3D format)

Good news - NASA and Epic have already designed the Mars environment (NASA XOSS MarsXR Editor. So, everything outdoors is already done. :slight_smile:

I am working with a couple other people putting together a basic design of an observatory on Mars, featuring a trio of telescopes (each about a meter or two across, inside mini-observatories each a couple/few meters across and high).

The three telescopes would link together into a central hub - The Angstrom Radiation Exploration Station (ARES). This observatory which connect to whatever NASA already has in there (a habitat, maybe?).

I have this really cool concept, I/we have the astronomy and science, and it needs a builder to bring it all together.

I’m thinking detail doesn’t have to be amazing, but prove some idea of how these three telescopes might look and work together.

The deadline for final product is 26 July.

There are 20 prizes between $1000-$6000 being offered by NASA, and there does not seem to be an excess of serious competition. I really think we could win one of these, and it might even inspire the first high-energy observatory on another planet!

So, I’d like to talk about how that might work. Please let me know if you might be interested!

  • James