[PAID - NFT GAME]Senior-Lead Environment & Prop Artist (Stylized)

CaveWorld is building the Metaverse one small step at a time starting from a PvP battle arena commissioned by the Cave King that will train Cavemen for the upcoming war.

We are a distributed team working fully remotely across many time zones.

As a Senior - Lead Environment & Prop Artist on our still small team, you will have a variety of responsibilities working on various projects, including:

  • Collaborate with other team leads to establish best practices and workflows for in game asset creation and placement
  • Guide other Environment and Prop artists and mentor them
  • Design and create both environmental assets as well as props with the guidance of an Art Director / Lead
  • Create environmental pieces, environmental props and also character outfits and props in terms of modeling, texturing, map baking, tileable material creation and look development within the game engine
  • Collaborate with the team to work within a pipeline and an organizational structure, ensuring assets are placed and named correctly
  • Work in an efficient and optimized fashion to maintain decent framerate and in accordance with the programming team
  • Help conceptualize lighting in collaboration with the Tech Art team

Some skills you are required to have to fit this role:

  • At least 2 years of experience in production as a senior / lead artist and published at least 1 game title.
  • Strong knowledge in Maya for asset creation
  • Strong knowledge in ZBrush
  • Strong knowledge in Substance Painter
  • Knowledge in Substance Designer for material creation
  • Knowledge in Photoshop
  • Experience with the Unreal game engine
  • Experience with Unreal Materials
  • Experience with lighting of sets within Unreal

It would also be nice if you have the following experience:

  • Experience with blueprints
  • Experience with particles and effects
  • Experience with basic rigging / skinning

Submission of a portfolio and a resume are a must

We encourage candidates of all genders, faiths, ethnicities, races and backgrounds to apply!

Email :