[Paid] Need developer for PVP tankshooter demo (location: EU, UK, US or Canada, Lang: Eng or German)

Hi, my Name is Markus. I run a scale model business. I create Sci-Fi tanks for tabletop games.
You can see my work here:
I want to use the 3D files from my products to create a simple but good looking PVP tank shooter demo game.

These are the requirements:
I can send you this desciption as a nice PDF. But I cant upload files to the forum yet. You can also contact me at

Simple UI before the game

  • o Type in name
  • o Choose side
  • o Choose tank

Simple UI during the game
Information Poistion
Amount of team tickets Top middle
Minimap (friendly players only) Lower right corner
Status of reload Lower middle
Amount of bullets in magazine (Autocannon only) Lower middle
Damged components of own tank with timer Top left corner
Message if enemy tank is destroyed Top right corner
Chat system (“enter” to start chat) Lower left corner

Simple UI after the game

  • o Text “Team Red or Blue has won”
  • o List with players of both teams
  •  Name
  •  Kills
  •  Death
    o Time until game restarts

One game mode:
o Capture objective points (3 in total)
 Point is captured if one team has a player in distance X around that point.
 If enemy team also has a player around the point, the point becomes neutral
 It takes Y amount of seconds to capture a point
o Team looses tickets if enemy has more points captured
o Team looses tickets if player respawns
o Game is won if enemy team has lost all tickets

1 Map

2 Vehicles

o Armored car (AC)
o Main Battle Tank (MBT)
2 Different turrets
o Twin Autocannon
o Twin Lasercannon

The vehicles have different armor values for
o Tracks/wheels
o Front
o Side
o Rear
o Top/bottom
Penetration depends on weapon, armour, angle of impact and distance.

If tracks/wheels are penetrated: Track or wheel is disabled for X seconds.

If armor of the chassis or turret is penetrated, one of the following actions is not possible anymore
o Moving for X seconds
o Aiming for Y seconds
o Crew stunned for Z seconds (no moving and no aiming)
o Chat not visible

Everytime the armor of the chassis or turret is penetrated there is a
o X% chance to destroy the tank if hit by an Autocannon
o Y% chance to destroy the tank if hit by a Lasercannon

Bullets of the autocannon drop over distance

Beams of the lasercannon should not drop

Chassis and turrets collide with other objects. Barrels do not collide.

WASD movement of chassis
Mouse movement of camera / aim

The vehicle should wobble a bit when driving

Possibility to rotate the tank when belly up

Possibility to self destroy the tank if stuck

1st Camera: 3rd Person view above/behind the tank. Shows aiming with crosshair (circle). Weapon
aim (another cirlce) is following this camera.
When pressed “C” weapon aim does not follow the camera.

Right mouse button zooms in slightly
Camera should always have a horizontal horizon

2nd Camera: 1st person view inside the turret. Shows aiming with crosshair and distance
meassurement. Weapon aim (another cirlce) is following this camera.
Right mouse button zooms in more
Camera is tilted if tank is tilted

Change between cameras with “left shift” key

Effects of a vehicle
Visual /// Sound
Always: Small lights on the optics, wiggling
antenna /// -
Idling: Light Smoke out of exhaust /// Engine sound idling
Acceleration: More smoke out of exhaust every time
“W” is started to be pressed ///
Engine lounder
Driving: Smoke out of exhaust /// Engine sound depending on speed,
Track rattling / wheel crunshing
Effects if a weapon is fired:
Visual /// Sound
Autocannon: Some times muzzle flash in
different variations + smoke
Projectiles should be visible with a
fine tracer liner ///Shooting sound
Lasercannon: No muzzle flash. Flying laser beam
like in Star Wars. Always visible /// Zzzap Sound
Effects if an object or enemy is hit:
Visual /// Sound
Autocannon: Small explosion + smoke /// Explosion sound + Cling sound
Lasercannon: Bright sparks /// Roast sound
Effects if a vehicle is destroyed:
Visual /// Sound
Directly after hit: Explosion /// Explosion sound
Up to 30 seconds after hit: Fire /// Fire sound
Longer than 30 seconds after hit: Smoke /// no sound

If own vehicle is hit there should be a marker indicating from which direction the shot came from

Tank chassis with tracks.
8 Wheeled armor car. First and last wheel should steer.

Hi, i’m a UE4 developer. Currently I’m employed and I am not looking for a job, but I’d like to evaluate a collaboratione for a little, nice project. I speak english (not fluently, but good enough to work). Let me know, If you’re interested, we can talk :slight_smile:

I would be interested, can you PM me for more informations? or at discord King0fChaos#2889

Hey Markus,

This is available on the UE Marketplace, TNK72 Tank Project in Blueprints - UE Marketplace, it wouldn’t be too difficult to ■■■■ to your requirements.

Hi smudgy, I am already in contact with Chris. :slight_smile:

Cool :+1:

Thanks for all the comments so far.
I think you are right that this project is too much for a single person. So I split it in several smaller projects.
I have found a guy who will do the core mechanics of the game.
But I am still looking for someone who can do the texturing of the vehicle meshes and someone who can create the level.