[PAID] Need Cyberpunk Quest System

Hi There all!

I am a one man dev team Yeah I Know :slight_smile: who runs a game dev studio called Bad Apple Games and I am currently working towards making my first game using UE4 Which I think is fantastic.

What I need for my game is an Easy to use quest system using BLUEPRINTS which has a sci fi quality. The quest system I would like would be able to be very easy to use for making *SPEAK | INTERACT | REACH LOCATION & KILL missions. The system should also include a minimap, Quest Notifier, Quest Update Notifier and icons of quests being able to show compass and minimap.

I can pay you when I am satisified with final result or give you a continual quarterly 15% royalty payment of overall game sales when game ships NOV 2020 [Your choice!]

You can reach me at this EMAIL —>